The Alien Invasion of Earth: Strategy for Planetary Conquest


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Ground Rules. 2

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A few weeks ago I presented an article (“The Alien Invasion of Earth”) in which I discussed a paradigm that explains many strange phenomena that are totally unexplained – and ignored – by the mainstream sciences.  This article discusses strategy for planetary takeover in the context of that paradigm.


The Alien Invasion Paradigm


It is the view of a growing number of people that an alien race of souls is in the process of taking over Earth.  The way that this is being accomplished is to “hybridize” the current race of Homo sapiens so that the bodies of future generations of human beings are better matched to souls of the alien race than the current “residents,” and then reincarnate in the genetically modified bodies.  This paradigm explains UFO (unidentified flying object) and alien abductions, and includes explanation of the related phenomena of “missing time,” cattle mutilations and crop circles.  See my previous article on this subject for a list of references describing the alien-invasion paradigm.


The alien invasion phenomenon has been observed over a long period of time, in many cultures, and a somewhat confusing array of terminology is involved.  Because the alien invasion involves interaction between our physical reality (“third density”) and the spirit world (“fourth density,” astral world), much of the “evidence” of the invasion is not “solid.”  It involves UFO sightings that may have alternative explanations (e.g., hallucination, mass hysteria), and reports of alien abductions that can easily be ascribed to mental illness.  By the very nature of an “invasion,” the invaders would like for the current residents of Earth to be as unaware as possible of what is going on.  To this end, they go to substantial effort to minimize their exposure (e.g., working at night, and in remote areas), and they suppress or alter abductees’ memories of abduction events.  Most of the information about alien abductions has been recovered by means of hypnotic regression or “channeling,” both of which mainstream (physical) science dismisses or ridicules.


The current hominid race of the planet, Homo sapiens, is in the process of destroying the biosphere.  Large human numbers and industrial activity are causing the extinction of an estimated 30,000 species per year, and contributing to a greenhouse-gas warming of the planet that may dramatically alter the biosphere.


Because it seems impossible to stop the planetary destruction that is being caused by industrial globalization, a growing number of people are becoming disaffected with and alienated from their own species, and are looking forward to an evolution of the current species to a new race of more enlightened human beings.  This has been discussed for many years by many different groups, using different terminology.  In the late nineteenth century, the Theosophists referred to the current human species as the “fifth root race,” and to their successors as the “sixth root race.”  Use of their terminology became widespread, and was continued into the twentieth century (e.g., Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophists and Edgar Cayce).  At the present time, there is a widespread concern over the failure of the current system of planetary management, and a significant and growing interest in the “Earth Changes” or “Enlightenment” or “Awakening” that will bring about a new, better system.  The people who are concerned with transforming human society into a “gentler, kinder,” more environmentally sensitive one are generally referred to as the “New Age” movement (although that catch-all term includes many people who have little interest in the environment and are mainly interested in “personal-growth” or other aspects of the movement (e.g., meditation, astral projection, remote viewing, channeling, past-life regression, spirituality, yoga).


Many books have been written on the subject of Earth’s “prehistory.”  These include discussion of Earth’s spiritual evolution (e.g., Hyperborea, Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis) and “expeditions” to Earth from various extraterrestrial sources (e.g., Sirius, Orion, Pleiades).


Recently, attention has focused on the growing number of psychically gifted children being born.  See, for example, Edgar Cayce on the Indigo Children,” by Peggy Day and Susan Gale (A.R.E. Press, 2004).  This phenomenon is worldwide, and Earth’s different cultures are responding to it in quite different ways.  In the United States, this phenomenon is officially ignored, but in China and Japan, for example, the governments have taken a serious interest in it.  Quoting from the Day/Gale book, “During his lifetime, Edgar Cayce indicated that waves of unusual individuals were beginning to incarnate on earth – groups characterized by their ability to utilize deeply ingrained memories and powers of consciousness from former lives in Atlantis and Lemuria.  The purpose and cumulative effect of these incoming individuals, said Cayce, would be the evolvement of an entirely new level of human consciousness – a new “root race” of humanity.”


At the present time, the alien invasion has been ongoing for quite some time, and it is now well underway.  The former residents of Earth – Homo sapiens – are now being replaced by a new race of hominid souls.  Homo sapiens had no concern for the environment, and has proceeded to cause severe damage to the biosphere.  The new hominid race will be environmentally sensitive, and will live in harmony with nature.  As predicted in the Bible, “Those who destroy the Earth will be destroyed.”  The major distinguishing feature between the previous residents and the new occupants is that the new occupants have a profound concern for the environment, for nature, for Earth as their home, whereas the previous residents do not – they care only for materialism, economic development and unconstrained growth, regardless of the damage to the environment.


Ground Rules


As I discussed briefly in my previous article, the current race of Earthlings are not powerless to resist and repel the alien invasion.  Just as there are “laws” governing the physical universe, there are laws governing the spiritual universe.  No soul is allowed to possess a body (“soul container”) already occupied by another soul, without its consent.  The various soul races that are vying to wrest control of Earth from its current residents are limited in their abilities to create.  They cannot simply exterminate the current resident race of hominids, Homo sapiens, and create another physical hominid race in its place.  The basic tools that they have at their disposal are three: (1) persuasion / information / disinformation (e.g., voice of conscience; meditation; hypnotic regression; astral projection; channeling); (2) genetic modification of the current residents (H. sapiens) to cause future generations of human beings to be a better match to their alien souls than to H. sapiens souls; (3) reincarnation in the genetically modified bodies.  At the present time, all three activities are proceeding in “high gear.”  Previously, occult information was just that – occult (hidden from the masses).  Recent years have seen an explosion of the literature on mysticism, spirituality, ancient visitors to Earth, progression of souls, and the paranormal.  The New Age movement is in full bloom, with millions of people interested in the thousands of books now available in the field.  UFO sightings, rare in the past, are now a commonplace.  Psychiatrists and hypnotherapists are being flooded with women patients who describe their abduction by aliens who perform operations related to their reproductive systems.  The number of unusually gifted / psychic children being born is growing.  The occurrence of “impossible” phenomena such as crop circles is increasing.  Paranormal phenomena such as remote viewing are now taken for granted, and have been exploited extensively by the US Army and other military organizations.


What to Expect Next


At the present time, the alien invaders are in a life-and-death struggle with the current hominid soul-group, Homo sapiens (fifth root race, Aryan race) for the control of Earth.  They have abducted a large number of H. sapiens and genetically modified them so that future generations of physical human bodies will be better matched to their souls than to H. sapiens souls, and they will incarnate on Earth in increasing numbers.  Unfortunately for them, however, they are in serious danger of achieving a Pyrrhic victory.  H. sapiens is destroying the biosphere at an incredible rate, and there will soon be no planet left for the invaders to occupy – at least not a “Garden of Eden” biosphere like H. sapiens inherited and proceeded to destroy.  The process of abducting H. sapiens and then reincarnating in place of an H. sapiens soul takes years to accomplish, and by that time there will be nothing left for the conquerors but a ruined, species-desolate planet.


Strategy for Planetary Conquest


So, what to do?  Well, it should be obvious.  War.  But it will not be war in the usual physical sense between the alien invaders and H. sapiens.  It will be a destructive, global war among H. sapiens.  When the smoke clears, most of H. sapiens will be dead, and the invading soul race will prevail.  The only issue to address is how to ensure that the proportion of H. sapiens that is destroyed by war is much greater than the proportion of invaders destroyed by it.  This will be done in two ways.  First, as global oil production peaks in the next year or so (Hubbert’s Curve, Hubbert’s Peak), the industrial nations of the world will plunge into an incredibly destructive war.  It will not be oriented toward destroying poor countries, since they have no oil, anyway.  It will be focused toward destroying other users of oil – other industrially developed nations.  So the first thing to do is abduct H. sapiens for genetic modification mainly in remote, rural, economically undeveloped areas, which are unlikely to be destroyed.  And it is very clear that that is what is being done.


Another important strategic move is “disinformation” – similar to the so-called “Stargate Conspiracy,” but oriented toward promoting the cause of the alien invaders.  At the present time, anyone who takes UFOs, cattle mutilations, Mu, Lemuria, crop circles, alien abductions, ancient science, ancient visitors, ancient astronauts, ancient “seeders,” missing time, channeling, past-life / between lives regression and the like seriously, is subjected to ridicule.  Keep it that way.  If people discover incredibly precise cattle mutilations, throw out a few mangled corpses – and confess – to “prove” that there is nothing to it – that it is a hoax.  Create a few hoax crop circles, to cast doubt on all of them.  Promote some fraudulent channelers and alternative-science authors, to throw the whole field into disrepute.  Produce some fraudulent abductees.  Suppress and confuse the memories of sincere abductees, so that no one believes their already-incredible stories.  Continue the “trickster” modus operandi, in which unusual phenomena almost always have alternative explanations and witnesses have conflicting stories.


Nurture the growing belief that the only way that the planet will be saved is for the current race of H. sapiens to be replaced by a new, “enlightened” race, and that this is good, natural, and “God’s plan.”  Convince abductees that they are special people, selected for genetic modification by the Coming Race that will save the planet, for the production of a new race of people who will live in harmony with nature.  Abductees now live a life filled with guilt, doubt, and anxiety.  This must change.  They must be made to feel as special as the Virgin Mary, relative to their abduction, genetic modification, and procreation of the new human race.


At the present time, the occurrence of UFO sightings and alien abductions is taking place at such a high rate that people are becoming suspicious that there may really be something to it.  This could spell disaster for the alien agenda.  Books are now being written on how to repel psychic attack and alien attack.  For the alien invasion to succeed, it is now important for the abductees to know why they have been abducted, and that it is for the evolution of a new race of Earthlings.  For the time being, it is important for abductees to keep quiet about what has happened to them, to bear their genetically modified offspring in silence, and to maximize the likelihood that their children survive.  As cruel as it may seem, for the time being it is important to repress psychic talents in gifted children.  Otherwise, if H.-sapiens governments become aware of the invader threat, they will round up all children suspected of transgenic parentage, and neutralize them.  (Suppressing paranormal / psychic activity in your children is easy to do – as has been done for generations, when your small child speaks of her imaginary friends or telepathic messages, simply tell her that no one is there.  Her friends will soon disappear.  The messages will soon cease.  You will not be destroying the genetic structure that has enabled these talents – you will be keeping your child alive for the next generation.)


The current race of Earth’s human beings has committed a grievous sin against Earth’s biosphere, to the other species of Earth, and to itself – it is destroying its very home.  This incredibly foolish, suicidal act of self-destruction can have only one end – the loss to the H. sapiens soul group of its physical planet.  But this loss can occur in several different ways.  On the one hand, H. sapiens may destroy the biosphere utterly, as in the case of Mars, so that neither it nor any other soul group may use it as a physical home.  Alternatively, it may lose the planet to a more environmentally sensitive soul group – the alien invaders.  In this case, the H. sapiens soul group has lost its physical home, but the invading soul group has rescued it and is making use of it.  In either case, H. sapiens has lost its planet, and is doomed to wander for eons searching for a new planet.  But in one case biological life continues on Earth – with hominid representation.  In this case, the alien invasion represents an evolution to a new age in which the planet is occupied by a more deserving, environmentally sensitive soul group.  If the alien invaders are successful in their program of genetic modification and reincarnation, the biosphere will be saved, with an environmentally sensitive hominid-soul-group species as part of it.  If the alien invaders fail, the alternative is death – death of the current hominid species, death of many other species, and perhaps the complete death of the biosphere.


Unless the alien invaders succeed in their conquest of Earth, the planet’s biosphere, under H. sapiens’ dominion, is doomed to destruction.  Life on Earth at the present time is a living hell for most of its inhabitants.  Let us pray for a better time.  Let us pray for a new beginning, and a new system of planetary management.  Let us pray for the alien invaders, that they may save the planet from destruction.


The battle for Earth will be accomplished very soon.  As global oil reserves deplete, the population of the planet will drop from its current 6.4 billion to a few hundred million or less.  This will happen, with or without war, with or without an alien invasion, simply because the planet’s current high population has been enabled by access to fossil fuel, especially petroleum, and the world’s petroleum reserves will soon be gone.  By the time the global population falls back to the level that can be supported by recurrent solar energy, the battle will be over.  If H. sapiens prevails, the result will be a dead or severely diminished biosphere.  If an environmentally sensitive soul group prevails before H. sapiens succeeds in destroying the biosphere, the result will be a return to a low-population planet in which mankind (the hominid race in control of the planet) lives in harmony with nature on a Garden-of-Eden planet.  Which future do you desire?  The choice is yours.  If you care, take an interest in what is happening, consider the issues and the alternatives, and make a stand.